statement-imageCall me the next generation of Action Painters!  My body of work is concentrating on representational abstraction and non-objective pieces. I pour, fling and drip acrylic paint to create forms. The dripping and pouring of the paint allows for freedom of control over every aspect of my materials. I am searching for a connection with the subconscious, the moment of epiphany where years of study, inspiration and physical environment culminate. Lines of paint become volumetric and do not seek to describe objects. Abstraction is, I feel, the purest form of art, because it comes solely from the spirit of the painter, not trying to mimic the world around us.

Often I use the word “manifestation” in the titles, a work that suggests “revealing” – and that is how the work develops. First, the pouring, an immediate and largely chaotic process, then the resolution phase, where the pouring is manipulated to completion. I am an experimental painter, and find that abstract work is dangerous, compelling and frightening. It is also liberating, stimulating and glorious. There are no boundaries. And, as such, the viewer brings to each piece their own experience and background. This allows the relationship between the image and its audience to continue in an evolutionary process that changes over time.

My work has been juried and shown in Texas, New Mexico, New York, and Nevada and is in collections nationwide. My service to arts organizations and support to museums honors those who have laid important groundwork for both collectors and artists. As I embark on a new voyage into the Nevada Arts Community I seek to continue my enthusiasm and exploration through my unique background and vision. This “21st” Century Abstract Expressionism” is merely a label for an unending thought process about how to capture beauty in color and form. Not mere decoration or storytelling, but something that reaches deeper and ultimately fulfills our vision of ourselves. Thank you to my many collectors and supporters that have made this dream a reality.

All best,
A. Stein